Eddie Osmani is a Bad General Contractor and a Crook.

Famous Of NY Construction is the name of the crook Eddie Osmani’s company.

Eddie Osmani is clueless and has no skills whatsoever about the construction or home renovation business .Eddie Osmani

Look at the photo, he screw up the measurement for the main staircase and it end up going out the front door!! To correct it he turned it into the dining room!  But now the staircase is in the middle of the dinning room.  Clueless!  (Trim work, arches and wainscoting with picture frames was done by Crown Molding NJ and Eddie Osmani owes them money also).

He subcontracts all his work and does not pay his subcontractors.  This is bad for the people who contracted him for two reasons.  First they will not get quality work and second because they can easily be dragged to court and have liens put on their homes by the unpaid subcontractors.

Based on the information received from Staten Island NY building department, there are only 2 building permits associated with Eddie Osmani


If you are considering hiring Eddie for your home renovation project don’t!!  If you have anything to say about this CROOK please call the Department  of Consumers Affairs.